An entrepreneur selling bananas at the age of 6 years old, Michael Thandi is a business coach and mentor for many entrepreneurs from various industries and paths of life, with a penchant for online and regular ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses.
Since 2014, Michael has spoken to over 7 000 people and helped sell over $1 000 000 worth of products from stage events and workshops. Michael has spoken at events headlined by popular personalities such as Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

Having worked in 50+ jobs in 15+ industries over his lifetime, now with 20 brands under his belt, Michael has over twenty-five outstanding years of a very rich and robust experience in IT, Online/Offline Business, Sales and Marketing, Michael prides himself at helping businesses grow and exceed their current potential.


Various established researches have shown that a certified and successful online entrepreneur coach like Michael Thandi does make a huge impact in how far a entrepreneurs will go in their business journey. One of such studies is the coaching program run for almost 3,000 new business CEOs resulted to a staggering increase of their survival rate to a value as high as 89%.

To learn to work with and coach small startup managers based on our tests, tools, and training, michaelthandi.com.au offers you highly valued online courses. You can start and stop your chosen online entrepreneurial coaching or training at any time. The design is highly interactive and available on your computer, tablet, or even on your smartphone making it very dynamic and easy to follow. Participants can do their personalised online coaching courses in their own time, place, and pace.

A unique difference between what michaelthandi.com.au offers you and what you get elsewhere is that Michael Thandi believes in training all his students using purely practical examples because he has also benefitted tremendously from this method. He chose to use this method of learning for his online entrepreneur training because he was privileged to have been taught by leading entrepreneur experts in the field and what he learnt under them within the space of few months could never be quantified compared to what he had been trying to learn on his own from books and theories.When you subscribe to any of our online business consulting and classes for entrepreneurs, you simply get absolute value for your money because Michael is very passionate about assisting entrepreneurs to start and nurture their businesses to prosperity.


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