Michael Thandi Coaching Institute

At MTCI we understand the challenges in business. For some of us the first challenge is knowing what and how to start. Secondly, once we have started a business, it is being able to sustain it for the long term. And finally, it is being able to scale a business to a new level, through various strategic approaches.


Having led teams of 20+ staff, Michael is a true leader. The personalised executive coaching program can help you become a better leader through overcoming challenges and developing skills.

To date, the team at MTCI have successfully coached C-level executives, senior managers, and high-potential performers. Our leadership coaching is a customised plan for each of our clients and offers a clear-cut vision for achieving your individual career and personal goals.

We have found that some senior staff often reach a point and focus heavily on their teams allowing themselves to sit idle. At MTCI, we provide a lift and get things back on track.

Our program can help you or your team improve their leadership skills and performance

Who is this for:
  1. Start-ups and business owners

  2. CEO’s Senior managers and executives

  3. Mid-level and senior professionals

  4. Individuals determined to reach the C Suite