Michael Thandi Coaching Institute

At MTCI we understand the challenges in business. For some of us the first challenge is knowing what and how to start. Secondly, once we have started a business, it is being able to sustain it for the long term. And finally, it is being able to scale a business to a new level, through various strategic approaches.


Managers are not always good leaders, and leaders are not always good managers. Between the two there is a fine line in which to find the balance.

Through experience, at MTCI we know leaders have a lot to juggle, particularly when considering the organisation, its people and processes. An effective leader is one who is in control of all aspects of the role at hand and beyond.

Who is this for:
  1. Start-ups and business owners

  2. CEO’s Senior managers and executives

  3. Mid-level and senior professionals

  4. Individuals determined to reach the C Suite