Michael Thandi Coaching Institute

At MTCI we understand the challenges in business. For some of us the first challenge is knowing what and how to start. Secondly, once we have started a business, it is being able to sustain it for the long term. And finally, it is being able to scale a business to a new level, through various strategic approaches.


There is a lot more to life coaching than most think. Anyone can say they have lived a life and thus can coach about it. But it takes a person who has truly been through the ups and downs and pushed their limits, someone who has been made, broken and repaired, one who has endured, persisted and succeeded. Life coaching is about assisting and guiding individuals through their blindspots, over their hurdles and to overcome their fears, challenges and limiting beliefs. At MTCI we do all of the above.

We work with individuals, business owners and employees at various levels of their life or within their organisation. We strive to help individuals thrive gain momentum, motivation and direction. Our transformational coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help individuals in achieving their personal and professional goals and more.

Who is this for:
  1. Unemployed, employed

  2. Start-ups and business owners

  3. CEO’s Senior managers and executives

  4. Mid-level and senior professionals

  5. Technical specialists