Michael Thandi Coaching Institute

At MTCI we understand the challenges in business. For some of us the first challenge is knowing what and how to start. Secondly, once we have started a business, it is being able to sustain it for the long term. And finally, it is being able to scale a business to a new level, through various strategic approaches.


At MTCI our performance coaching program can improve your overall performance as an employee, leader or manager. Once you begin increasing your performance you notice all areas of your life begin to change, including your personal life. We focus on eadership, teamwork and performance management, communication, networking and your career

Our coaches have a proven track record of success across corporate, public and private companies, as well as running their own businesses. You get a comprehensive wealth of knowledge, that will impact your bottom line positively.

Who is this for:
  1. Start-ups and business owners

  2. CEO’s Senior managers and executives

  3. Mid-level and senior professionals

  4. Technical specialists