Michael Thandi Coaching Institute

At MTCI we understand the challenges in business. For some of us the first challenge is knowing what and how to start. Secondly, once we have started a business, it is being able to sustain it for the long term. And finally, it is being able to scale a business to a new level, through various strategic approaches.


Michael offers a wide range of training and facilitation to develop individuals and groups of staff and build organisational strength and capability.

Most small business owners face any number of challenges and failures – MTCI offers a coaching solution that is customised specifically for your business.

You will be assigned a coach that will apply the various coaching methods and techniques to help your business with a solid foundation and a success roadmap of where you’re heading.Starting from your business plan your coach will focus on areas such as Recruitment, Leadership, Productivity, Systems, Business Development, Marketing, Opportunities and Area’s for Growth.